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Wireless and Radio Equipment

Wireless and radio equipment covers any device or equipment with a radio transmitter. This includes mobile (GSM or CDMA) handsets, wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment such as Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, Zigbee devices, WiMAX and other wireless broadband access devices, RFID equipment, contactless card readers, and a whole host of other products that incorporate some kind of RF transmitter.

Most countries require some kind of type approval, certification, registration or declaration of conformity (DoC) in order for radio equipment to be used legally. Some countries also restrict the import and sale of radio equipment without approval or registration. Depending upon the radio frequency bands used, licenses may also be required to operate radio devices.

Conformity assessment of radio equipment generally focuses on prevention of undue interference with other devices operating in the same frequency band and devices operating in adjacent bands. EMC characteristics (unintentional emissions of the digital device portion of the product) and electrical safety may also be included to prevent unintentional interference with other devices and harm to users.

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