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Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunications equipment is communications or networking equipment which interfaces with public telecom network (PSTN) or wide area network (WAN) services. This includes telecommunications terminal equipment (TTE) in most countries, but some countries also regulation network equipment. Common telecom network interfaces include T1/E1, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, ADSL, serial and analogue PSTN.

Most countries require some kind of type approval, certification, registration or declaration of conformity (DoC) in order for telecom equipment to be connected to public network services legally. Some countries also restrict the import and sale of telecommunications equipment without approval or registration.

Conformity assessment of telecom equipment generally focuses on prevention of harm to the network, but again this varies from country to country. Assessment may also include electrical safety and EMC characteristics to prevent harm to users and interference with other devices. Some countries even examine some higher layer aspects of equipment function.

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