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KC Mark Labeling Changes

26 Apr 2011     Korea

RRA has updated its product labeling requirements.

Effective 18 April 2011, Notice Article No. 23 of the Conformity Assessment Regulations for Broadcasting and Communication Equipment says that in order to display only the KC mark and certification number on an approved product, the other required "conformity evaluation information" must be indicated both on the product package and in the user manual. "Conformity evaluation information" is 

  • applicant name
  • equipment model and name
  • year and month of manufacture
  • manufacturer
  • country of origin.

Previously RRA simply said that if it was not possible to indicate the full "conformity evaluation information" on the product itself, manufacturers were permitted to leave it off.

As before, conformity evaluation information on the product should be affixed as a moulding, silk-screen or similar on each unit.

Please contact us if you have questions about labeling your products for Korea.